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Rutland, Vermont

Warehouse to Office Renovation

Rutland, Vermont


EHDanson has provided architectural services to VELCO since 1993. We have designed a variety of warehouses, maintenance facilities and office spaces. In a recent project, EHD was retained to provide design and construction phase services for the conversion of a warehouse space into office and multi-use spaces connected to the main office complex.


The space included a variety of employee centered amenities including a wide array of collaboration spaces for impromptu conferencing between staff and a café space. Natural lighting was key to creating a pleasing environment for this engineering-based group.


Control Center

Rutland, Vermont


EHDanson provided complete design and coordination services for the renovation of the VELCO Control Center, who controls power for all of Vermont’s electrical grids. The project included coordination services required for lighting, emergency back-up power systems, access flooring replacements. It also required coordination with outside equipment vendors to determine visual site lines and operator placements for new control monitors, custom designed cabinetry with ventilation and A/C systems, where we worked directly with fabricators, and dimensioning of custom granite work surfaces. Project includes redundant systems for all electrical, data, and HVAC systems for the space.


Our commitment to the project included more than 90 days of planning, material detailing/fabrication and procurement enabling the project to be constructed within a 21-day schedule. EHDanson with the VELCO team and subcontractors completed the project on schedule and on budget.

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