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Let’s Talk

Our objective is to assist you in establishing a clear and realistic program based on your project goals, schedule, and budget. We look forward to taking time to hear what’s on your mind. Once established we strive to arrive at clearly defined, feasible, and affordable solutions that attain the goals you are after.

Let’s Design

We offer a complete range of professional services, from preliminary design through the administration of the construction process. We give consideration to each project and client regardless of size. We are equally comfortable meeting with a board of directors or sitting over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table discussing design options. As we develop design solutions for you, we welcome your thoughts, comments, and input. Communication is a key element in a project’s success and we make every effort to keep those lines open.

Let’s Build

We strive to provide the most complete set of construction documents possible to minimize potential surprises during the construction process. Our construction observation services include shop drawing review, evaluation of monthly requisitions for payment, and on-site observation of the construction process and schedule. In addition, we evaluate product substitutions to assure you that the work installed is the best quality for the price.

Let’s Achieve

We strive to accomplish these three classic goals for your project:

• Highest quality

• Lowest cost

• Shortest time frame

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