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Union Bank

Morrisville, Vermont

Union Bank, the oldest, independent community bank in Vermont, retained EHD to renovate its main branch lobby in its historic 1940 original bank building. The lobby extended into a newer 1957 addition which connected the lobby to the adjoining building which was also used by the bank.


The original lobby was two stories high but over time had been reduced to a single story to make use of the open space for office. This limited the height of the design as did the original masonry bearing walls. The design ultimately incorporated a curved teller station that accented the focus on the tellers and the historic vault and vault door, as well as providing a gentle flow directing customers to the Customer Service Representatives located just outside the lobby area for privacy.


A new conference space was constructed to accommodate lending transactions, small meetings, and closings. Beyond the lobby area through a secure door are several additional offices and a larger conference room for staff use. The secure space connects to the area behind the teller counter which includes monitored safe deposit access for customers.

Photos: Top Kat Photography

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