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Union Bank

Littleton, New Hampshire

This unique building on Littleton’s Main Street was originally two buildings constructed over a century ago. Later in the early 1900’s the buildings were combined. In the late 70’s a major renovation was carried out for the Littleton Savings Bank. Since that time the building has changed ownership and is currently owned and operated by the Union Bank.


Several tenants occupy the building on the first and second floors. Since the renovation in 1979 an escalator has provided access between levels. No longer serviceable, the Union Bank wanted to provide better accessibility for tenants and customers as well as improve the appearance of the outdated facility.


The renovations included a new modernized branch bank, new lobbies on the first and second floors, new washrooms, and replacing the escalator with an elevator which provided much needed improvements to the bank operations. One highlighted feature is the historic bank vault which is found behind the teller station.

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