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Norwich University

Soils Lab

Northfield, Vermont

EHDanson and Dubois & King teamed up to renovate a 50-year-old engineering technology lab for Norwich University. The project consisted of a $600,000 renovation to upgrade equipment, provide improved student lab space and workflow, increase ventilation, as well as reduce dust and noise pollution


Challenges included:

  • gaining consensus with multiple stakeholders on needs for the academic program

  • integrating new modern ventilation equipment and controls into an older system

  • providing a serviceable concrete waste disposal system for excess waste concrete the program generated

  • finding materials that would tolerate the use and abuse of the processes used in the program


The success of the project was evident in the vastly improved air quality, reduced dust and noise pollution making the environment safer and more conducive to learning and the efficiency of the workflow so that multiple class functions could be performed simultaneously.

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