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Norwich University’s Nursing Simulation Lab is located in the basement of the Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences building. The new facility includes approximately 10,000 square feet of newly renovated space consisting of staff and faculty offices, classroom space, 5 research labs, storage, mechanical space, and the nursing department.


The nursing department also houses a 6-bed Health Assessment Lab for providing basic nursing education. Each bed area is designed to imitate a typical doctor’s exam room with an exam table and wall mounted diagnostic devices. There is also a 6-bed Clinical Lab with simulation manikins for training in more advanced nursing techniques. These bed spaces are designed to emulate a typical hospital room complete with simulated oxygen and suction.


The central focus of the space is the two state-of-the-art simulation rooms that contain two computer-controlled training manikins that simulate patient symptoms and responses as they are treated. The instructor, located in a central Control Room, initiates a training scenario through the computer causing the manikin to exhibit symptoms. As the trainee provides treatment, the computer-generated scenario responds with life-like reactions giving the students immediate feedback on their approach to treatment.


The Simulation Labs is equipped with advanced audio/video systems which are connected to Smart Boards and projectors in the Health Assessment Lab, Clinical Lab and Classroom allowing opportunities for observation and instruction during the medical scenarios.

Northfield, Vermont

Nursing Simulation Lab

Norwich University
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