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Northeast Kingdom Human Services

Derby, Vermont

EHDanson was retained to design NKHS new 30,000 square foot consolidation facility in Derby. The project was approached similarly to the first facility but the approach was quickly abandoned due to cost. Re-evaluation of operations and corporate culture allowed us to reduce the building by 25% and save approximately 20% on the projected construction cost.


The program consisted of four major departments operating out of the Newport and Derby area. These programs were consolidated into one location. Because of the clientele and sensitive nature of the care provided to their clients, careful consideration was given to placement of the programs to avoid interaction between clients that might prove harmful. In addition, security considerations were included that allowed staff safe circulation without unexpected client interaction.


The envelope of the building included insulated metal panels on the upper portion of the building and a thin stone veneer system on the lower portion of the building which provided a sense of scale and warmth to this two story building.

Photos: Top Kat Photography

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