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Lyndon Public Safety

Lyndonville, Vermont

Working with the town of Lyndon, the volunteer fire department, and police department, EHDanson provided several design scenarios illustrating various groupings of town services including fire, rescue, police and ambulance. The final design included program space for the fire and police departments.


The building provides approximately 12,500 square feet of area which houses a 4-bay, double-stack 6,000 square foot apparatus bay, 1,500 square foot police department with the remainder housing offices, bath/locker rooms, day room, kitchen, and training room. The building is designed to allow for future conversion to full-time occupancy by the fire department.


The site is in a historically significant area adjacent to an existing utility company whose building was extremely close to the property line and in the central part of the downtown area of Lydon. EHDanson, working collectively with the town, neighbors, and USDA, was able to create a win-win solution for all concerned.

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