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Caledonia County Courthouse

St. Johnsbury, Vermont

This 6.5 million dollar project consists of the construction of a new 33,400 square foot, four story addition and extensive renovations to the existing two story 15,890 square foot Caledonia County Courthouse. This historic Italianate structure is prominently located at the intersection of Main Street and Eastern Avenue in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Originally constructed in 1856, the brick masonry and wood framed structure is a prominent landmark. Therefore, careful consideration was given to ensure that the design of the new addition did not overpower the original courthouse. The design further meets the requirements of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation.


Developed in conjunction with the Vermont Department of State Buildings, this state-of-the-art facility is the first courthouse in Vermont designed to combine Superior, District, Family and Probate Courts in one structure.


Since the completion of the new courthouse building, EHD has been retained to design repairs to the historic building which includes a new foundation, cable ties to support a failing masonry wall, restoring historic windows, and replacing the brick bands on the exterior of the building.

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